Why do beach restaurants earn more than casual restaurants?

Beach Restaurants Tend to Earn More

Beaches offer a lot when it comes to freedom and fun: the sun, sand, water activities, and, more importantly (well, for this article), food. In particular, beach restaurant food. Yup, these places of food make more money than their competitors! Why is that, though? Let’s take a bite in and find out.

Higher Mark-Up Prices

“How do beach restaurants earn?” is the question, and there is more at play than just the season and locations. For one, they mark up their prices. While this can be obvious, there is more behind the price than just the chase for income.

For one thing, beachfront restaurants need to increase their prices as a necessity a lot of the time. This is because the staff within the establishment has to go inland to get the ingredients. Therefore, there are travel costs and time to take note of.

Furthermore, the food has to be fresh. This is a standard for restaurants. Think of it this way: beach restaurants usually serve seafood. This type of food needs to be totally fresh. Otherwise, it will be thrown away, digging into profit as well as being a waste.

Another thing to consider is that if a beachfront restaurant has a supplier close by, it can still mean that they are the ones paying a mark-up price too. Location is everything to restaurants, as is the season. Peak season, like beach-going summer, means that the majority of seaside places will hype their prices up to cash in on the season.

And, seafood is known for being more expensive. A beach restaurant that does not service fish, carbs, or pawns is losing out, as well as wasting space. You go to a seaside food place to usually eat food from the sea.

Additional Service Charge

Take-out delivery can also add to the reasons why beach restaurants usually make more than other types of restaurants. Some customers opt to have restaurant food in their own homes without leaving it. This means that the establishment has to get the food to them at a decent time.

Meaning that they have to hire delivery people, rent vehicles, cover gas, insurance, etc. This can be included in the cost. Well, at least part of it. While take-out is not a new thing, it is something to keep in mind when looking at prices between the different factions of the restaurant world.

Catering for Events

One of the biggest perks of owning beach restaurants is the parties. When a big group of people makes their way to the beach, depending on their age and plans, they want to have a gathering. This can be in the form of a party, event, or a classic sit-down dinner.

Either way, this gives beach restaurants a chance to make the funds. More people equals more meals and drinks, and therefore, more money. Events can bring in a lot of people. Be it a private one or, better yet, a public one. Beach restaurants provide foods and drinks to cover these events. As well as even the space to hold the event in. And, the closer they are to the beach, the better since the restaurant and the people can take advantage of the location.

Cooking Takes More Effort

You are not only paying for the ingredients that go into the meals but also the skills it takes to make the meals great. Service is a major part of the vibe of a beachside restaurant. People come here to relax, have a good time, not cook, and be around friendly people.

Therefore, you would be paying for all the services such as gathering the food, cooking, servicing, cleaning up the table, the kitchen, and more.

Everything is catered for while you are being catered to. This is the same with all well-organized restaurants, but the ingredients are usually more expensive when buying a beach one. And, remember it is also the location of the place that makes the arguably biggest difference. 

Beachfront or beachside property is expensive. Restaurant owners have to cover the costs to keep the place afloat, keep their crew employed, and have something in their pocket to feed themselves and their families.

Our Tips for Aspiring Beach Restaurant Owners

Now you know how beach restaurants earn money. But, if you are thinking about opening your own restaurant by the beach, then we have some tips for you:


  • Have a vision. This one is a pretty standard tip, regardless of what you are starting. Nevertheless, it is an important one since it can dictate what your restaurant will look like and what food and drinks you will serve. As well as where it will be, plus who your food and drinks supply is going to be. Work out every detail so that you know which direction to go.
  • Make sure you have the money to open and run a restaurant on the beach. Keep in mind that the start (like a year or more) can result in losses. This is not to discourage you since it is something that every business goes through.
  • Find the right location by the beach.
  • Find everything you need to run the beach restaurant from service, chefs, even accountants, etc. And that also includes ingredients for your meals as well as cooking equipment.
  • Try your menu before you serve it to the public. Food is what people come for, so make sure that yours is up to your standard, and more.
  • Make the physical or/and digital menu look appealing.
  • Hire the right people for all the different roles.
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