The Most Naked And Erotic Restaurants In The World

Who wouldn’t enjoy wine poured down their body rather than worrying about its stain on clothes?

There are restaurants around the world where you are served with food while you are naked and there are other restaurants with the erotic environment. Inspired by the ancient Roman tradition of having food naked.

These restaurants are an exemplary example of revolutionizing the restaurant experience. Who wouldn’t enjoy wine poured down their body rather than worrying about its stain on clothes?

Below are some erotic restaurants around the world where you can be as wild as you can be.

1. The Bunyadi, London

The Bunyadi restaurant in London aims to provide its customers with the most natural experience of dining. Customers go around the restaurant in robes and can dine without any clothes provided there are changing rooms and gowns. The place, however, does not allow taking any pictures or using the phone or electric appliance of any sort. There are candlelit dinners. When it was first opened in May 2016, though temporarily for three months, there were 46,000 reservations made. The dinner was priced at 69 GBP and held the capacity for 42 diners.

In October 2016, the restaurant’s owner announced to establish it permanently in London.

2. O’ Naturel, Paris

In November 2016, Paris also opened its first naked restaurant named as O’Naturel with a capacity of 40 guests and dinner amount of $35. The diners are required to leave their clothes in the wardrobe before they begin to have their food. Since France has laissez-faire (let-people-do-as-they-choose) environment, the restaurant was highly welcomed and has succeeded in its operations.

3. Our Gourmet Life, San Francisco

The Gourmet Life in San Francisco provides the perfect Erotic Dinner experience. Women, dressed in black-and-white themed alluring attire, are at service. The staffs provide you with a sensual dining experience with their entertaining gestures.

There are four simple rules to follow in this erotic restaurant which is stated on their website as:

i. No photography

ii. If you need to use your phone, please do so at the coat-check

iii. No touching unless invited by your host or by one of our servers, and then only above the waist

iv. If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please do so 72 hours before the event

These restaurants are one of their kinds. The purpose is to welcome people who have elevated from the level of sensuality when it comes to the human body and also feel liberated and entertained. Would you like to visit one?

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